Thursday, July 14, 2011

“Spirit” of Mumbai – No more, rather never was!

So, the terror attack strikes Mumbai again. The city, which is bruised and scared, is back to work. – Up and running. And, no it is not the spirit of we Mumbaikars, it is out of no choice! Do we really have an option??

And why do we have serial attacks – and why the intelligence failures. We really don’t need our home minister to fly down to Mumbai to “monitor” the scene on ground. We need them to eradicate it from where it starts.

If only we utilized our tax payments for the right things, rather than spending millions and billions on Kasab’s security. So, a citizen like you and me doesn’t feel secure here, but Kasab surely does.

Billions spent on skywalks and other stuff, which are not so frequently used. But, basic sanitation and hygiene set up is missing! As I write this, Mumbai is flooded. The civic authorities lack the funds for preventing such disasters, but we have all the money to feed the scam masters and see that they are safe and secure!

I have been in this city all my life. I have seen all the bomb blasts and terror attacks closely. But, it looks like government has some short-lived memory. And now, I feel scared – am worried until my near and dear ones reach home every evening. Will we ever feel safe?