Monday, August 21, 2006

Coincidence magnified!!

Ever met your namesake??……Well, I came across one too…….but this one’s surely unmatched!
A few days ago….a girl scribbled in my scrapbook at orkut telling me that we shared the same name –Ami Shah and also the birthday!
I was pretty amused then but thought hota hai..coz shah’s a very common surname and Ami is the sweetest (well….ahem) name! :D
Yesterday, suddenly she messaged me asking me as to when was I at IES—my MBA school.
Here, I started sensing more….asked her as to what was she doing etc….
And here’s the list of similarities that we share…
1> We were born on the same day, same year.
2> We were born in the same town--Bombay.
3> The timings of our birth were also somewhere around late evening.
4> We are currently based in Bombay.
5> Both of us are MBAs and we kick started it in 2003.
6> She teaches in the MBA college that I graduated from.
7> Both of us are single.
8> Both of us work in similar areas…she’s into PR, I am into journalism!
9> Both of us have only one sibling, younger to us--who’s based in US.
10>Both of us are independent and decently placed in terms of profession.
This is a list compiled after just one chat…I am sure there’s much more! Truly coincidence magnified!!!!!!!!