Monday, August 23, 2010

The love, fights, growing up........the wonder years :)

This Rakhi….some scattered thoughts over the years as I recollect my best moments spent with my bro @ Harshit Shah

- Remember the day we got you home ...all wrapped and curious !

- Tied a purple teddy bear rakhi on your wrist on one of your early birthdays J

- Your first birthday celebration and I loved the football masi gave you !

- Me and mom taking you for a ride…by talking in languages you wouldn’t understand when you were a toddler…fooling you and going for a movie ;)

- You and me going for a studio pic and doing the weirdest actions ever !

- Your early days at school..when I used to come across you sometimes in the recess…and you will run to say hi J

- Me and you checking our hands if thorns indeed grew ..after our parents told us that “if you hit each other, thorns will grow on your hands”….waiting for a orange tree to grow from our throat, after being told that a tree will grow if we swallowed seeds ( We did that deliberately to wait for the tree to grow)

- All the toys and all the plays....sticking “lotus” and “shandar” stickers all over the furniture, playing with the beach set in the building under constructions around us!

- Me taking logic and Maths lessons from you when u were in 1st and I was in 5th standard JJ

- Definitely tagging along at each other’s friends’ birthday parties ….If not allowed, we would throw all tantrums until mom gave in :D

- Me giving my 10th standard exams..Not understanding the essay asked in the paper and you telling me when I came home how simple it was!

- Me coming to your class and telling you my std X score..and you were all happy !

- You outpacing me and scoring a super duper score at the same IQ test taken by us …when I was 17 and you were 13 !

- Fighting over small and big things over the years….TV remotes, TV games, computer to “my place” etc etc

- And last but not the least…my wonderful California trip last year J

Miss you this rakhi J Hope it did reach you ….muaaaah!