Thursday, October 26, 2006

Impossible….Nah… I M Possible!

This blog is long overdue…Last month, I was at a concert where the emerging child star singer Diwakar was performing.
For those who aren’t aware about him, a small briefing: Diwakar is a finalist at Zee TV’s ‘ Sa Re Ga Ma pa Lil Champs’, and was also a finalist at ‘Bournivta Quiz Contest’ Makes him special ?? Well, there's more to it. He is visually challenged.
My mom and I met up with him and his parents at the concert. FYI, My mom is a Diwakar fan, ever since his performance at BQC early this year.
His mom is a doc by profession but left practicing ever since Diwakar was born.
Here, a lady in the audience happened to probe more. She asked his mom more on their family and learnt that they had a second son after Diwakar and she immediately went “ Aap ka woh beta normal hai ?”
And prompt came the reply from Diwakar’s mom, ”Mera yeh beta bhi normal hai!” and I was all smiles in support to her!
There’s overflowing confidence and understanding towards life that this kid displays.
It really makes me feel that many of us are actually ‘challenged’ and its him who’s actually ‘blessed’!
This also reminds me of a close friend’s dad who too, is visually challenged but has never let it hinder his progress in life. He in fact , has achieved amazing heights in his profession.
And this friend told me once ”I can never tell my dad ..I CANT do this, coz he’s never thought something is impossible!”
This leads me to a thought. Many a times, when we’re unwell or just feeling low, we come up with stupid excuses that “I CAN’T”, “NOT POSSIBLE”
But is it really Impossible?? Nah….its I M possible!