Thursday, April 05, 2007

To blog or not to blog...

Do I or don't I? The dilemma as to what can be shared about your life or rather what can be spilled over in your blog prevails.
I have read quite a few blogs which probably reveal a little too much about a person's life and I don't think it's always a good idea.
Even when we start to write fiction, we sometimes tend to jot down our views or taint the story with happenings around us. Or in a way the story gets "inspired" from events around us...something that has caught our attention.
Just last week, I wrote a blog…something that came straight from my heart, and then I wasn't too sure if I was willing to share it with the world at large.
I ended up sharing the blog with a few select friends, though I think it's a topic worth discussing with the world. But in the process, it would also impact my privacy.
So...I often wind up thinking do I spill the beans or do I keep them to myself. Do you?


Preksha said...

hey ami... i agree wid u.... many ppl have told me not to put personal stuff onto orkut or any other site which is visible to all... but thn i always end up doing it knowingly or unknowingly!!!! :)

so u can say... i do

Neha said...

Well, if something like personal emotion about one's own life is concerned, it's subjectivity that comes to the fore.

I don't think I will be interested to "hide" in a blog when I can simply say what I have to.

But, there are a few of us who feel the way u do and I guess, then what's the fun in blogging? :)


Ami said...


The fun or lets say the essence of blogging is lost at times, when faced with this kinda dilemma.

But then, privacy issues often conflict with blogs, network sites like orkut, wherein personal details about people float in the public domain..

Bhakti said...

just keeping blogging your random thoughts as your blog pages says...
in the end of the day your blogs should make you feel happy...samjha!!

doshi.preksha said...

i agree wid bhakti... in the end u shud feel satisfied and happy tht u wrote ur heart out..... twhn there are hings u cant mention to neone or which u want to talk to someone...but thn u dont know whom to talk tht out wid....... the thing which u do is u blog!! :) so chill...let the world think watever they want to!!!

Freaky Genious said...

I agree with you completely. though I am a guy and I have less to fear by way of sharing my personal details than girls have too, I too do get to understand your situation quite well. I've been through your blog quite a few times but this is the first time I'm commenting here.

Many a times I've come across a similar situation myself, Pondering whether the thoughts that I have put to paper (or rather to the keyboard and visible on my screen :P) should they really leave the threshold of my mind, and enter into a medium where I will have absolutely no control over them, as to how they may be used, abused even maybe. Whether is it really worth taking that much a risk.

But I come to the conclusion that if that had not been the case. Had I not been ready to take those risks I would have never risked blogging itself. It is sumthing that gives nature, shape, being to my thoughts, and I may add any occasional whips and whims, that my mind may conjure out of thin air.

I would rather follow my heart and blog to my hearts content rather than be bogged down by the warnings constantly flashed by my mind.

As an after thought I am thinking of posting a link to this post onto my blog, with this comment of mine as a supplement to it. Hope to see you all there. (or atleast sum of you. [:)] )

P.S: Thanx a ton for your e-mails of today. I have put them up as posts on my blog, with full credits to you for sending them to me ;) keep them coming in.

Regards and follow your heart rather than your mind,


Anonymous said...

In all this ramble u forgot one thing, many times its ur unfounded dreams and wishes that comes out in ur writing rather than your found memories. thats why most blogs though have many facts also contains equal amount of fiction too. Well anyway, it was good to read ur blog, nice one. So, have u guessed who am i. though i have give a very broad hint in my earlier comment. hehehheheee